SCOUT is a company that wants to realize a happy world with people as the central figure.
For our client companies, we provide talented individuals who are the foundation of corporate success and development,
and for our candidates, we provide most favorable environment individually to realize their dreams and possibilities.

Service Introduction

Reference Check is essential in the recruitment of executives and executives who need to adapt to organizational culture in a short period of time and deliver
optimal performance.

Service Features


Reference Check Service

It is a service to analyze candidates' skills on analytical ability / planning ability, organizational role, interpersonal relationship skills, communication ability, etc.
on behalf of clients in order to evaluate the candidates’ qualifications.

The main categories for evaluation are:

leadership, communication and interpersonal relationships, personality and morality, business competence and work style, customer requirements etc.

Reference Check Process

  • STEP 01
    Apply for reference check
    and submit required documents
  • STEP 02
    Reference organization
    and search
  • STEP 03
  • STEP 06
    Fee Payment
  • STEP 05
    Report preparation
    and submit to the client
  • STEP 04
    Interview verification
    by professional evaluators

Academic / Career Inquiry Service

This service verifies the degree of authenticity of the degree, academic background, thesis, etc. obtained at home and abroad, whether the school is a college /
university, and whether it is completed or graduated is a service that can reduce the risk of hiring with lack of proper credential verification.

The main categories for Reference Check are:

academic background, career verification etc.

Academic / Career Inquiry Process

  • STEP 01
    Applying for academic background,
    career verification inquiry
  • STEP 02
    Submitting candidates'
    agreement and supporting documents
  • STEP 03
    Requesting inquiry to universities,
    institutions, and corporations
  • STEP 06
    Fee Payment
  • STEP 05
    Report preparation
    and submit to the client
  • STEP 04

Service Introduction

As the importance in value of talented candidates grow, the interviewer's ability to identify suitable talent for the company through short interviews is also
important. Scout has developed professional interviewing manuals to provide systematic training for professionals who have been in charge of corporate
personnel for many years.

The importance of Interviewer training

Service Introduction

It is imperative to thoroughly evaluate the competency of candidates in advance for senior management positions, such as executive payroll, who will perform important tasks in your organization. The Scout Assessment Center analyzes your candidate's leadership orientation and experience to assess their ability to manage and analyze future competencies through simulation assignments.

The main categories for Assessment are:

- Business handling ability
Comprehensive review of logical thinking ability and problem-solving ability as well as having an analytical mind to properly solve problems

- Organizational culture adaptability
Identify qualities, of passion, striving towards leading an organization etc. Leadership oriented mind and the similar.

- Organizational power
Determine if the candidate has the ability to communicate with the team by drawing on the team's skills.

- Ethical attitude
Making sure that the candidate is of a moral character, that would perform work within the organization based on accountability and integrity.

Modeling for Assessment

Tools for Assessment

Simulation task
Presenting the business situations that can be faced in future positions in the form of mock assignments and evaluating the potential
capacity of the people to be evaluated through the relevant business process and problem-solving process
- In-Basket : Present tasks that need to be solved urgently, similar to the actual work situation, and evaluate the competency through
the results of the task performance.
- Role Play : Provide a job situation or task to be solved urgently, so that it can perform a given role by interacting with one or two
other (professional) evaluators.

BEI: Behavioral Event Interview
A professional assessor or evaluator comprehensively assesses the competence of the target person by asking questions about the events
or behaviors the candidate has actually experienced and verifying the results of the simulation tasks